Porex Corporation and EuroTec Ostomy Systems -- MEDICA Trade Fair


POREX Corporation

Porex Corporation and EuroTec Ostomy Systems

EuroTec Ostomy Systems

Porex Corporation (“Porex”), a proven market leader and innovator in porous media solutions for the healthcare markets has partnered with EuroTec BV to deliver unique porous material solutions for EuroTec’s ostomy systems. Supplying a wide range of unique stoma products, EuroTec produces 1-piece and 2-piece ostomy system as well as accessory products. All EuroTec pouches are made of high grade, multilayer films for superior performance, individual comfort and optimized appearance.

The EuroTec pouches include an extra “raincoat” or additional film layer that separates the filter from the stoma. The customized POREX hydrophobic membrane allows gases to escape from the pouch while also preventing water from penetrating the filter during bathing or swimming. Additionally, the common issue of bleeding of the moist content and resultant black staining of clothes, is eliminated with the combination of the EuroTec raincoat and Porex membrane.

About EuroTec BV

EuroTec is the only manufacturer of stoma appliances in the Netherlands, based in Roosendaal. The company was established in 1996. The stoma products produced by EuroTec were developed to meet the needs of stoma patients by a professional team of designers and engineers as well as those with a medical background and broad experience in stoma care.