Porex Corporation and Alteco LPS Adsorber for intensive care of septic patients -- MEDICA Trade Fair


POREX Corporation

Porex Corporation and Alteco LPS Adsorber for intensive care of septic patients

Alteco LPS Adsorber for Intensive Care of Septic Patients

Porex Corporation (“Porex”), a proven market leader and innovator in porous media solutions for the healthcare markets has partnered with Alteco Medical AB to deliver unique porous material solutions for Alteco’s LPS Adsorber, a medical device for extracorporeal removal of endotoxin during hemoperfusion. The biotechnology of the product is based on a synthetic tailor-made peptide that selectively and irreversibly binds several times the endotoxin load found in patients with severe sepsis. The peptide covers the surface of a porous polymer matrix, specially designed by Porex to provide an optimal surface for the peptide rather than act as a filter.

“Sepsis causes more deaths each year than prostate cancer, breast cancer and HIV/AIDS combined,” said Hakan Petersson, President of Alteco Medical AB. ”Experts believe that sepsis is actually responsible for most deaths attributed to HIV/AIDS, malaria, pneumonia and other infections acquired in the community, in healthcare settings or by traumatic injury.”

About Alteco Medical AB

Alteco Medical AB is a Swedish company in the medical technology field. The company was established in 2002, in Lund. Alteco Medical AB has developed a unique extracorporeal product - the Alteco® LPS Adsorber for use within the sepsis area. The product is based on an innovative, patented, technology. The Board of Directors of Alteco Medical AB have many years of experience in successfully building and growing international medical companies.