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Polysomnography Device

EEG DigiTrack Sleep - the extended version of EEG DigiTrack device

The software is destined for digital recording, quick viewing, assessment and analysis of the polysomnographic registration. It makes sleep-stage marking very easy - enables an automatic calculation of sleep stages and calculation of typical sleep parameters, eg. sleep latency and Sleep Period Time, sleep indicator, duration of the sleep stages. The system is very flexible and may be adjusted according to User's needs and requirements.

Device features and parameters:

- 32 or 42 channel EEG amplifier
- PC with the Hard Disk min. 500 GB
- LCD monitor 19"
- DVD recorder for archiving the registration
- Laser printer for printing the test registration (the possibility of printing the whole polysomnographic examination or chosen fragments), examination results and histograms
- Uninterruptible Power Supplier providing emergency power in case of the power supply failure
- Unlimited montages of electrodes
- EEG DigiTrack software with the function of recording, viewing and sleep analysis (eg. spectral analysis of any fragment of the sleep recording) enabling smooth viewing, changing the fragments of the examination scale, creating hypnograms and many other.
- Patient Database software enabling patient registration, examination management and creating statistics
- Accessories - trolley with surge protector, set of cables, stands, stimulator and amplifier holders
- User's Manual in Polish
- Set of basic sensors for polysomnography:
-- EEG (8 pcs)
-- EKG (1 piece)
-- EOG (2 pcs)
-- EMG (2 pcs)
- chest and abdomen respiration belt

Besides the possibility of creating hypnograms the system has many other options, very useful for EEG analysis like brain mapping or FTT analysis. Filter parameters and time scale can be changed in a wide range of values. That enables the exact signal evaluation and precise marking of such graphoelements as sleep spindles or K-complexes.