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Polish Technologies Get Into Market

FX 3000MD modula patient monitor
The positive aspect of Polish health care system is relatively low mortality from heart diseases, incl. heart attacks. This is due to high quality technologies used in intensive care units. Not only the internationally known concerns but also Polish companies have a significant contribution to the manufacture of more and more up-to -date medical devices. EMTEL, the leading Polish producer of patient monitors and defibrillators, offers highly specialized medical devices for monitoring vital signs in patients. This line of products have received recognition both in Poland and around the world.

The EHCI report shows numerous imperfections in Polish Health Care but also presents its strong points. Easy access to our own medical documentation and low mortality from heart diseases are the most important advantages of our health care, according to the report. These advantages result from increasingly efficient work of emergency services equipped with defibrillators, monitoring and supervising of patient vital signs by usage of highly advanced patient monitors.

Modern patient monitors which operate in intensive care units have to include a number of parameters to meet with regulations in force. According to the regulation of the Ministry of Health dated 2.02.2011, the functionality of patient monitors should assure supervising basic parameters (ECG, SpO2, NIBP) as well as measurement and monitoring: IBP, temperature in two points of a patient body, carbon dioxide concentration ETCO2 in patient's expired air and anesthetic gas concentration.

Extremely important function of monitoring in intensive care units is a measurement of heart cardiac output (CO) – non-invasive ICG method and invasive, directly in a patient’s heart (thermodilution with Swan Ganz catheter). Hemodynamic calculations which are very important for a patient health are made on the basis of the above parameter.

Professional medical apparatus produced by EMTEL, the leading designer and manufacturer of modern defibrillators and patient monitors in Poland, not only meets basic requirements but also makes work of medical staff much easier. The most unique solutions in EMTEL monitors are touch screens of 19 inches mounted in LCD displays and legible, user-friendly interface created on the basis of long-term co-operation with hospital staff.

- “Due to high technical requirements in intensive care units the best solutions are modular patient monitors into which additional measurement modules can be added by an user” – according to Waldemar Sliwa, the founder of EMTEL company – “We have modular patient monitors FX3000MD in our offer. They can supervise up to several dozen biological parameters of patients. These monitors can work in a network in intensive care system what means that a patient is under permanent, professional supervision and medical staff have simultaneous access to data from dozens monitors working in the network. Our advanced technology developed for over 20 years allows us to exist not only in Poland but also in hospitals all over the world “

Patient monitors made by EMTEL allow for supervising and alarm signaling in states of life threatening, when alarm limits of measuring parameters are exceeded, as well as alarm signals registration. Thanks to a big storage memory the EMTEL monitors allow storing and archiving information about treated patients and transmitting it to a central station and databases in other IT systems.