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Pole position, Dr. Schumacher!

Dr. Schumacher GmBH is setting new benchmarks with the six-week standing time* of its non-woven wipe dispensing systems. Whereas reusable dispensing systems usually have a maximum standing time of four weeks, Dr. Schumacher can now offer a longer and thus more cost-effective solution.

The crucial factor – getting the right set-up. The disposable non-woven wipe dispenser one system PLUS, factory-filled with dry Dr. Schumacher DESOTEX® non-woven wipes, provides a specially coordinated system solution in combination with the liquid concentrate OPTISAL® PLUS. The proven effect: an extended standing time confirmed by independent experts.

“With one system PLUS we introduced a true alternative in the field of non-woven wipe dispensers this year. The extended standing time is yet another argument for this hygienic and cost-effective solution”, explained Dr. Elmar Hjorth, Head of Medical Sciences at Dr. Schumacher GmbH.

The one system PLUS represents a new development in the wipe dispenser system segment. The patent-pending non-woven wipe dispenser from Dr. Schumacher GmbH functions as a sealed disposable system. OPTISAL® PLUS is a liquid concentrate for the disinfection and cleansing of surfaces in the medical sector. The product features excellent cleaning performance and a range of efficacy specifically designed for routine use.

With the use of OPTISAL® PLUS as the disinfectant solution for one system PLUS, Dr. Schumacher can guarantee a lifetime of six weeks and an impregnation time of just 15 minutes. When conventional disinfectants are used with one system PLUS, the standing time is usually a maximum of 28 days and the impregnation time 30 minutes. The combination of one system PLUS and OPTISAL® PLUS is ideally suited for use in areas where there is a high risk of infection.


*Legal notice: When tested in combination, the non-woven wipe dispensing system one system PLUS with Dr. Schumacher DESOTEX® non-woven wipes in combination with OPTISAL® PLUS as the disinfectant solution achieves a reduction in the presoaking time to 15 minutes and an increase in the standing time to 6 weeks.

* Mandatory warning: Take care when using disinfectants. Always read the label and product information prior to use.