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Play safe and perform at your best with INDIBA® activ Therapy

INDIBA® activ Therapy has become the preferred therapy for athletes to remain strong and at their peak in the world’s biggest competitions.

Preventing injury or recovering from injury quickly and effectively are of the utmost importance in ensuring major success in sport; this is why athletes don’t play around when it comes to their health. Many teams have already integrated non-invasive INDIBA® activ Therapy into their recovery routines. This treatment is proven to help prevent and cure injuries by accelerating natural mechanisms for healing and muscle recovery.

In the recent Euro Basket 2013 championship our rehabilitation therapy became the key recovery treatment for Spain’s players. The positive experience from previous years led their medical team to choose INDIBA® activ Therapy for the players’ treatment once again, although victory was bittersweet as they took home the bronze medal.

Likewise, during the recent2013 FINA World Aquatics Championships in Barcelona, we witnessed Team Japan arriving with their very own INDIBA® activ Therapy equipment. Our therapy strengthened the swimmers’ muscles and reduced minor discomfort. The team brought home nine medals: four gold, one silver and four bronze.

At the IAAF World Athletics Championships, held in Moscow from 10 to 18 August, Team France also used our innovative rehabilitation therapy to treat the athletes’ muscle, ligament and joint injuries during training and competition events. Thanks to their preparation they won four medals: one gold, two silver and one bronze.

Congratulations to all!