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Curiox Biosystems Pte Ltd

Platform for Miniaturisation of ELISA and Cell-based Assays

The proprietary DropArray™ platform comprises of a "wall-less" plate with an array of hydrophilic "wells" surrounded by a hydrophobic coating. The key technical innovation is the integration of Curiox's proprietary fluid, Rinsing Oil, with the surface coating of the DropArray™ plate, combining to form "virtual wells".

Unlike most conventional methodologies and solutions available to date, these "wells"
not only minimize carry-over and cross talk, but also cater for the washing process of DropArray™ plates to be performed in a single-step full plate wash. Hence, DropArray™ technology eliminates traditional manual and automated well-by-well washing steps,
and minimizes the hassles and human or machine errors associated with
wash-based bioassays.

Curiox's DropArray™ plates are coupled to the DropArray™ Accelerator washing station, whereby the DropArray™ Accelerator HT series are able to automate in conjunction with third-party HTS systems. DropArray™ plates are also compatible with existing dispensing and imaging systems, and allows for sample miniaturization down to 2µl. The gentle, simultaneous whole plate washing mechanism minimizes cell loss even in semi-adherent and suspension cell formats. Thus DropArray™ platform is able to enable convenient execution of high throughput assays in difficult to handle cell types while also providing higher efficiencies at lower volumes, conferring sample, cost and time savings.