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Carville Ltd.

Plastic Fluidic Manifolds

Plastic fluidic manifolds have been used in life science applications for over 30 years, however it has only recently seen a significant growth in their application, as the technology, sophistication and repeatable quality of bonded manifolds has increased and the value better recognised. 

Bonded manifolds in materials such as Acrylic (PMMA) and Ultem (PEI) are becoming far more widely used recently in many In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) applications both in the laboratory and hospital Point of Care (PoC). Typical uses include clinical chemistry, ELISA, haematology, pathology and many diagnostic applications. Integrating manifolds with arrays of different valves means increasingly complex manifolds are being entrusted to deliver functionality such as dosing, pneumatic control, cleaning cycles, reagent mixing, flow analysis, particle separation, bacteria analysis and many more. Proving that they stand the test of time, a Carville manifold with integrated peristaltic pumps has been used in a client’s blood gas analysis system for over 20 years now.

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