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Pinel to Feature New Generation of Technically Advanced Restraints

KITCHENER, Ontario, Oct. 30, 2013 – Pinel Medical, an innovative Canadian designer and maker of medical restraints for over 28 years, will feature the elements of its unique and recently re-engineered “De-Restraining” system for the intelligent handling of patients who are a potential threat to themselves or to others, at MEDICA, the world's largest annual medical trade fair, taking place Nov. 20-23 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

“The De-Restraining concept is all about getting a patient out of a restraint as soon as possible – as much as it is about putting them into a restraint quickly and without a ‘street fight’ needed to do it,” says Ludwig Piron, Pinel Medical CEO and company founder. “It’s also about providing high value to users such as hospitals. We’ve re-designed our restraints like our restraining waist belts and Velcro cuffs to be more flexible by way of universal sizing and non-competing uses for them. That versatility means for hospital staff who handle a very wide range of restraint situations and that would traditionally require them to have over a 100 different restraints on hand – with Pinel, they need only six.”

Piron also points out that while initial costs of Pinel restraints may be higher than some of its competitors, the more technically advanced materials used in Pinel restraints such as Para aramid fibres (Kevlar® is the aramid Dupont brand name), brushed micro-fibres, silver ionized anti-microbial treatment, and neodymium rare earth key magnets, all ensure they have a greater strength and a longer life as well as being safe by heart pacemakers.

“They also have a quicker turnaround time when it comes to cleaning our restraints,” adds Piron. “Not only are our materials anti-microbial, they are as well fire retardant; can be autoclaved; and they come out thoroughly dry after the normal 45-minute washing machine/dryer cycle.”

Changing times also influenced the Pinel’s new approach to restraints, says Piron: “Statistics show that violence to both others and self is on the increase in healthcare. In Canada, for instance, we know that in long-term facilities alone resident-to-resident attacks annually result in 10,000 injuries including some fatal ones. Increased drug use, an aging population producing more demented patients who can become violent, and the closing of mental hospitals have also increased the need for effective yet humane restraints.

“At the same time, unfortunately, public demand, largely uninformed of this trend, has called for less use of restraints. Nonetheless, 91% of the 3,191 front-line nurses surveyed by the Emergency Nurses Association in the United States still rate restraint use as being the most effective tool.”

Accordingly, in its re-thinking of the medical restraint, Pinel has kept in close touch with these conflicting developments and adjusted its equipment to meet today’s restraint challenges.

“Our basic principle in designing our restraints as always has been to keep the patient safe. Our waist belt, for instance, cannot transit upward over the thorax and asphyxiate a demented patient violently trying to leave the bed, as has happened,” explains Piron. “Also, our De-Restraining concept can get a patient out of restraints sooner and more safely than before. Through persuasive communication with the patient, caregivers can allow an incrementally controlled release of restraint equipment. They reward patient’s co-operation and good behaviour by making gradual loosening adjustments that give the patient more freedom of tolerated movements. This is what we’ll be talking about and demonstrating at MEDICA.”

Accordingly, Pinel welcomes, potential clients, distributors, and the media as well as other visitors to Hall 16, booth F44 under the red-and-white maple leaf of the Canada/Ontario Pavilion.

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