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Pico Bright

Pico Bright is a dedicated computerized system for urodynamics.
It is composed by a Console placed on a pole to which several peripherals can be attached like: Peristaltic Pump, Withdrawer etc. . To the Console are connected the Pressure channels, Flowmetry channel and Electromyography channels.

All the urodynamic tests can be performed by this user-friendly urodynamic system

The Console is the core of the system. It consists of an embedded PC , an acquisition board, a module to drive the peripherals, a power supply and a touch screen display 15”.

The console is connected by Blue Tooth to a printer commonly available on the market.
The Touch Screen Display has a size of 15” with a knob to regulate brightness

The Acquisition Board has 8 channels plug-and-play. Each socket can accept channels of pressure, flow , EMG etc and the system automatically recognizes the kind of channel connected to that position.

Flow channel either connected wirelessly or by cable
From 0 to 100 ml/s measuring range with automatic software controlled adjustable range (autoranging function). Measuring field 0-2000 ml. 1% accuracy. It is based on the load cell which ensures a prolonged efficiency and accuracy. Supplied with demountable stand pole with load cell , funnel and graduated beaker of 2000 ml

Pressure channels
 Measuring range: - 40 to 400 cm
 Sampling frequency up to 100 Hz per single channel
 Resolution 12 bit
 Automatic calibration through software.
 Compatible with micro tip transducers ,water transducers reusable or disposable

Peristaltic Pump
 Infusion range: 0 to 200 ml/min with increments of 1 ml/min or 5ml/min step selectable by the user. Controlled by software and/or by remote control.
 Suitable also for cavernosometry
 Accuracy +/-2 % for rates lower than 100 ml/min
 Overpressure automatic alarm and stop.

Catheter withdrawer (puller)
 0.5 - 1 - 2.5 - 5 mm/sec adjustable speed. High-speed return. Usable length 28 cm. Controlled by software and/or by remote control.
 Extendable arm, sterilizable catheter holder

EMG integrated and raw
 Resolution µV 1
 Lower limit Hz 0.3
 Upper limit, frequency KHz 10
 Bandwidth selectable via software
 Internal noise µV . < 1
 Audio . yes

The software for urodynamics makes performing an urodynamic test a very easy and quick task.
The system does the following examinations.
• Flowmetry
• Cystomanometry
• Pressure Flow Study, with all the relevant diagrams
• Urethral Pressure Profile static and dynamic
• Leak point pressure
• Biofeedback,
• Electromyography