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'Perfection Guaranteed': Miele PG 8536 with Innovative Features

Perfectly suited for instrument reprocessing in outpatient s

Compact washer-disinfector with specifications to match larger models

A new 90 cm wide washer-disinfector now for the first time offers all the high-end features available on Miele's large, modern decontamination units – but on a smaller footprint. The model with a drying unit, due to be launched in 2009 as the PG 8536, is the ideal proposition for reprocessing surgical instruments in outpatient surgeries and CSSD units where space is at a premium. Standard features include spray arm sensing and dispensing volume control. A conductivity module is optional. With a circulation capacity of 600 l/min, Miele's latest offering sets new standards in the market for compact washer-disinfectors.

The PG 8536 offers all that is needed for high-level instrument reprocessing and is therefore being launched under the motto 'Perfection Guaranteed'. This model features freely programmable Profitronic+ controls with a PerfectTouch display offering a simple, intuitive user interface. All operations are carried out using a minimum of controls, and all selection steps are shown clearly in the display in local language. The display consists of a full-flush glass screen, facilitating cleaning and surface disinfection. The unit also sports a contemporary design and rounded handles guaranteeing optimum hygiene.

The controls offer 64 programme slots, of which only 17 are occupied ex works by standard cleaning and disinfection programmmes. These include the Miele innovations 'Oxivario' and 'Oxivario Plus' for superior cleaning performance as well as 'Orthovario' aimed at minimising value depreciation in the case of orthopaedic instruments. A special programme for ophthalmic instruments is designed to ensure the gentle but thorough reprocessing of the extremely narrow-lumened instruments used in eye surgery. Protein is safely removed in combination with special mobile units and inserts.

Economy in a wide range of disciplines

The large cabinet on the PG 8536 offers ample space for 7 DIN mesh trays, 3 AN sets, two minimally invasive instrument sets or 48 gynaecological specula. As such, this machine represents an economic proposition in a wide range of applications.

Machines are supplied prefitted with a Perfect Speed Sensor spray arm monitor which precisely tracks and documents the rotational speeds of all spray arms, whether in the machine cabinet or on board load carriers and inserts. This allows load arrangement faults to be detected and rectified as early on in the programme cycle as possible. Maintaining spray arm speed within a predefined range is crucial to ensuring perfect cleaning results. Excessively low speeds, for example, are often an indication of a build-up of foam. Foam is substantial enough to slow down the progress of spray arms and impair cleaning results.

Miele's Perfect Flow Sensor enables the precise control of chemical concentrations by monitoring the dispensing process at source. Ultrasound technology prevents undesirable tolerances as a result of differences in the viscosity and temperature of process chemicals.

An optional conductivity module, the Perfect Pure Sensor, allows the detection and removal of undesirable substances in the rinse water – such as dissolved salts from alkaline and acidic process chemicals – to bring concentrations down below target values selected individually by site managers. Monitoring the conductivity of the rinse water allows maximum toxilological limits published by chemical suppliers to be observed so as to ensure that residue on instruments does not pose a threat to patients. This is particularly important in the field of ophthalmology to prevent possible caustic reactions to trace residue. Excessive residue can also result in corrosion and deposits on instruments. The conductivity module is contact-free and therefore entirely maintenance-free.

With short cycle times combined with the efficient use of water and energy in the main wash, the PG 8536 washer-disinfector ensures economic instrument reprocessing. Gentle, but thorough reprocessing methods as well as connections and holders for a wide range of instruments in baskets and inserts ensure the best possible protection of instruments.

Process documentation interface

The new washer-disinfector is fitted as standard with a network interface for process documentation and can also be linked to process documentation software. This allows temperature charts to be plotted and process protocols comprising numerous parameters such as the A0 value, spray arm speeds and conductivity levels to be compiled. The interface also allows the machine to communicate with Miele's remote service software, allowing the machine to automatically issue a warning in the event of a fault. In many cases, this technology can obviate the need for a service call-out and can seriously reduce machine downtimes.