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E2P (Environmental Pulp Products) Ltd

Patents County Court Success For E2P

Environmental Pulp Products Ltd (E2P), the UK division of the E2P Group, succeeds before the Patents County Court in London (PCC) in relation to the latest version of its disposable pulp Detergent Proof Wash Bowl.

E2P, which supplies disposable paper pulp products to the UK heath care sector launched its latest Detergent Proof Washbowl design in January 2012 but was forced to fight for the right to sell its product in the UK as a result of proceedings in relation to two earlier washbowls already brought by Vernacare Limited, a major competitor in that market. Proceedings were heard at the recently modernised and reconstituted Patents County Court.

HH Judge Birss, who heard the claim, found that the latest version of the E2P wash bowl did not infringe Vernacare's patent and, if it did so, then the claims of the patent would probably be found to be sufficiently wide to invalidate it. The patent therefore remains in force, but the Court has made a declaration that the E2P wash bowl as now sold does not infringe it, allowing E2P to sell the product. The wash bowl has been a commercial success throughout the UK.

E2P engaged Walker Morris Ltd of Leeds to conduct their case. Sam Bristow who led the Walker Morris team commented:
"This is the first case that the Intellectual Property Department has run from start to finish in the PCC, where a new and more affordable intellectual property litigation procedure has been introduced. We are delighted that the judge took less than one day to rule in our clients favour."

Chris Hogarth, E2P Commercial Manager, commented “ this was a task we had to take on as we knew that our current wash bowl was not infringing this patent. Despite attempts to discuss this with the claimant, we did eventually have to seek redress through the PCC. We are delighted to have removed any barriers to sale of our excellent washbowl."


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