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Patented ELISA test improves specificity in diagnosis of autoimmune hepatitis

AESKU.Diagnostics continuously invests in research and development to improve safety, quality and efficiency of the diagnosis of autoimmune hepatitis (AIH), a chronic progressive liver disease of unknown origin that has a poor prognosis if untreated.

The new patented ELISA test AESKULISA® SLA/LP sets new standards in specificity because antibodies to soluble liver antigen/liver pancreas antigen (SLA/LP) are the only one to be 100% specific for autoimmune hepatitis. Employing recombinant antigens, the patented ELISA test guarantees maximum specificity and sensitivity. Testing for anti-SLA autoantibodies is essential for the diagnosis of AIH in 15 % of all patients who are negative for other autoantibodies and may otherwise be misdiagnosed.

AESKULISA® LKM-1, AESKULISA® LC-1, AESKULISA® AMA-M2 and AESKULISA® ANA-Hep2 complete the portfolio of innovative assays for an early and accurate diagnosis of autoimmune liver diseases. AESKULISA® ANA-Hep2 is not only an ideal screening test for systemic rheumatic diseases but as an important tool for diagnosis of ANA positive AIH also an excellent alternative to the IFT for screening patient’s serum for the presence of ANAs of clinical significance.

Of course all assays share all the benefits that established the AESKULISA® product line as an ideal partner for laboratory automation systems: Same protocol, ready to use reagents, short incubation times.