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Patent Issued for Ability to Rest Fingers on Touch Surface

And the keyboard is 5 times more contaminated than the next most contaminated common surface. The computer keyboard is a big problem for two reasons: it is touched more often than nearly any other surface in the hospital and it is very hard to clean.

Computers are a relatively recent addition to critical care units and so far little effort has been put into making them cleanable. In fact, the vast majority of computer keyboards found in hospitals are exactly the same models that are used everywhere else.

Most solid surface keyboards may be cleanable, but because the surface is touch-sensitive, the user is unable to rest their fingers on the keys without causing them to type. This makes the technology less typing-friendly.

A Patent for technology that resolves this problem has just been issued to Cleankeys Inc. Called TouchTap®, it allows the typist to rest their fingers on the keyboard without causing any keystrokes, even though the surface is touch sensitive. It is smart enough to know the difference between when you are typing and when you are just resting your fingers. That helps make it comfortable and easy to type on. It also allows 10-finger ‘touch’ typists to approach speeds and accuracy of a regular keyboard. In addition, fast typists do not always hit the keys in the center. Cleankeys with TouchTap resolves the conflict that arises when a finger lands between two keys, choosing the most likely letter based on the word you are typing.

Cleankeys’ CEO Randy Marsden states: “There has always been a trade-off between usability and cleanability of solid-surface keyboards. With the granting of our TouchTap patent, we just closed that gap a great deal. No other solid surface keyboard lets users rest their hands on its surface and type like Cleankeys.”

By making touch surfaces easy to use as well as easy to clean, Cleankeys TouchTap™ is a pivotal contributor in the fight against the spread of infection in hospitals.

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