Partners LACROIX Electronics and BodyCap work actively for the improvement of patients’ health -- MEDICA Trade Fair


LACROIX Electronics GmbH

Partners LACROIX Electronics and BodyCap work actively for the improvement of patients’ health


LACROIX Electronics diversifies its skills in the medical sector with the production of miniaturized electronic capsules for the company BodyCap.

This innovative system, Anipill®, allows to measure reliably and regularly the central temperature of an animal for the purpose of research or medical assessment. The data of one or several animals are transferred continuously per telemetry to a dedicated screen.

In 2014, the capsule has been certified for human use under the name of e-Celsius®. Swallowed, this small device of the size of a medical pill, will track the evolution of the patient’s body temperature, without any intervention of nursing staff that will only be alerted in case of exceeding temperature limit. The system may be used in hospitals for preoperative applications, or on telemedical platforms, that will spread in the coming years.

In the context of this project, LACROIX Electronics contributes its experience in complex project management and its skills in advanced products industrialization. LACROIX Electronics has a rapid production line dedicated for prototypes and employed its know-how and experience in the medical sector in order to conduct the project in partnership with BodyCap. Moreover, the production takes place in an ISO 13485 certified production site, which guarantees that the demands of the medical sector are met by an optimum quality management.

Finally, the miniaturization of this product demonstrates the technological advancement of LACROIX Electronics who enriches steadily an evolutionary roadmap that adapts to new electronic market trends.

On the operational level, the information collected by the capsule is transferred to the dedicated screen on a dedicated frequency, 434 Mhz. This wireless communication will be possible once the capsule activated by another dedicated device, the activator. The sampling period is variable and may be 30 seconds, 2 minutes or 5 minutes or other. The transmission is yet done continuously with nevertheless a memory capacity of 2000 units. It should be noted that the capsules are delivered sterilized, may only be used once and can be kept on a shelf for one year.

Concerning the production process of this product, LACROIX Electronics has contributed several areas of expertise. First of all, on the basis of the design based on an extremely thin, totally flexible PCB; a production method has been developed that is customized and secure including a specific process of components positioning. The second distinctive feature concerns the security of the product’s medical character. Before final assembly of the capsule, the components are coated with a biocompatible product in order not to interfere with or impair the biological tissues of the patient or animal. Finally, as soon as the product is finished, the final test phase follows. Tests simulate the functioning under identical conditions as future conditions in the human body.