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Panasonic Presents PGS Graphite Sheet at MEDICA

Düsseldorf, Germany (November 18, 2009) – At this year’s MEDICA, the world’s largest medical trade show that is being held in Düsseldorf, Germany (November 18 – 21), visitors to the Panasonic booth can experience the Panasonic PGS graphite sheet line-up. Graphite sheets are an integral part for the heat management of electronic devices. Thermal problems in electronic devices have rapidly increased due to miniaturization, higher performance, and high density mounting – a trend which is extremely relevant in the healthcare industry. Thus, Panasonic PGS graphite sheets are an ideal solution for thermal problems.

While electronic devices are getting thinner and smaller, the thermal amount produced continues to grow. For many devices, controlling the chassis’ surface temperature is more imperative than protecting the inside of the electronic device. Surface temperatures must be kept below a certain specified temperature in order to avoid the risk of low temperature burning injury as there is a possibility of continuous contact to human skin for long. Heat spots generated on the surface of chassis can be removed or dissipated by the effective positioning of PGS graphite sheet with thin and high thermal conductivity in the unit which has only limited space.

Panasonic offers graphite material with high conductivity, high heat resistance, and high chemical resistance. Also, they are quite flexible, and can be bent as well as folded without damage. These features are realized through an orientational graphite structure, which is produced in a high temperature thermal process. Panasonic PGS graphite sheets have a high thermal conductivity (700~1600W/mK), high flexibility, thin film (25~100μm), and stand out through their light weight (1~2g/cm3).

With 25μm PGS graphite sheets, PET taping and double sided taping with 10μm, a thermal solution with a total thickness 45μm is possible. In addition, Panasonic has developed a new graphite sheet with 17μm thickness and 1750W/mk thermal conductivity. The product lineup, sheet processing, and application suggestions are tailored to the customer requirements.

Panasonics PGS graphite sheets are environmentally friendly and highly thermally resistant because of their 99.9% carbon structure. They do not generate outer gas and can be used for the thermal solutions of semi-conductor manufacturing-equipment and medical devices.

Panasonic PGS graphite sheets with a conductivity of 700W/mk were first introduced into the market in 1998. Since then, they have been widely used for cooling laptop PC batteries, mobile phones, optical pickups, and digital still cameras.

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