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Panasonic Microcamera: HD Quality, Now with Improved Performance Features

Düsseldorf, Germany (November 18, 2009) – Panasonic will be showcasing its 3CCD HD Microcamera at MEDICA in Düsseldorf, Germany, (November 18 – 21). This camera system on display at booth D49 in hall 13 features true 1080p full HD quality as well as almost loss-free signal-processing.

HD quality in micro format from long distance

Now with dimensions of just 37 x 47 x 54 mm, the separate camera head of the new GP-US932A is 6 mm shorter and now makes mechanical system integration easier. The video signal is digitized in the camera head with resolution of 3 x 14 bits. The entire digital processing chain provides true, almost loss-free colour reproduction. Panasonic’s new model 4 now comes with different optional cable lengths: 4, 6, 10 and even 20m cables allow the camera head to be moved even long distances away ‘loss-free’, which therefore considerably increases the number of potential applications for the equipment.

Many different formats – HD/SD / digital/analogue simultaneously

In order to provide the best possible connection to HD monitors, the Panasonic camera system now has a digital HD-SDI and HDMI interface in one model. The HDMI output now provides different formats up to full HD with 1080p. As well as the camera variant with HD-SDI and HDMI, a budget version that only has an HDMI output is also available. Both versions are compatible with HDTV formats 720p and 1080i. If necessary, the camera can be switched to the supported HD format or the conventional 576i and 576p SD formats during operation. Additional analogue FBAS and S-Video outputs are also available that simultaneously output an image in SD resolution.

Outstanding performance

Thanks to further improvements to the sensors, even minute details can be carefully examined. We have succeeded in increasing the light sensitivity by another 6dB or so. Even dark details are now perceptible. The pixel-based dynamic increase that can be activated enhances the simultaneous display of light and dark objects.

Additional functionality

The new GP-US932A HD camera system now has a new image rotation and mirroring option. This can be activated and deactivated during operation, and extends the range of applications even further. 3 storage locations for different colour temperatures are now available for the white balance values. The switch from artificial light to natural lighting can now take place without having to perform white balancing again. Of course, the functionality of the preceding model is still available: Freeze frame, 2.5x zoom, 12-axis colour matrix, and frequency-controlled detail enhancement.

HD technology available as OEM components

Panasonic also offers the new HD micro camera system in the form of OEM components. The camera head, the CCU control board and the signal cables are available in different lengths. The OEM version of the digital camera head is now much smaller that its predecessor and the power loss has been reduced to 2.5W.

New features at a glance

• Full HD in 1080p format
• +6dB light sensitivity (2000 Lx / F8)
• Smaller camera head
• 4 – 20m head-CCU cable length
• Just 2.5W of power loss in camera head
• The video image can be flipped and rotated
• Combined HDMI and HD-SDI version
• 3 white balancing storage locations (AWC)


All variants are available now (November 2009)

(recommended retail price excl. VAT)

GP-US932HAE – Camera head – 3,850 Euros
GP-US932CSAE – Camera controller with HDMI and HD-SDI – 4,940 Euros
GP-US932CAE – Camera controller with HDMI – 4,360 Euros
GP-CA932/4E – Camera head cable, 4m long – 790 Euros
GP-CA932/6E – Camera head cable, 6m long – 940 Euros
GP-CA932/10E – Camera head cable, 10m long – 1,240 Euros
GP-CA932A20E – Camera head cable, 20m long – 2,390 Euros
GP-NT13 – External power supply – 150 Euros

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