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Panasonic Introduces Small Form Factor Green Laser for Medical and Industrial Use

Düsseldorf, Germany (November 18, 2009) – At this year’s MEDICA, the world’s largest medical trade show that is being held in Düsseldorf, Germany (November 18 – 21), Panasonic will be presenting a small form factor green laser for medical and industrial use. The green laser is designed as a combination of QPM-SHG and fiber laser, and thus offers high-level wall plug efficiency as well as a compact head.

The laser is operated in M2 <1.2, continuous wave (CW) mode, and provides watt class and single mode (close to the diffraction limit) beam quality. Unlike solid state lasers that generate high temperatures, this laser emits only very little heat. The laser can provide stable continuous wave, features low power consumption and helps customers to design reliable systems. Furthermore, one of the key characteristics of the laser is that the wave length can be customized within the green-yellow wavelength range. Furthermore, customer-specific wavelength requirements can be implemented in the product. The first generation product 1.5W CW 532nm is expected to be released CQ1-2010. In addition, a 5.0W CW was successfully developed.

In the past, semiconductor-based solutions were used for highly efficient red and blue wavelength lasers, however, not for green wavelengths. For green wavelengths, other solutions, such as Argon gas lasers, which are relatively large in size and have high power consumption, and DPSS have been used. Even though DPSS lasers are smaller than Argon gas lasers, customers demanded further improvements in terms of reductions in both size and power consumption.

Green-ranged wavelengths have a high absorption ratio for oxyhemoglobin and less absorption for water. Thus, they are being widely used in medical applications such as photo coagulators, but they are also expected to be implemented in many other areas, especially in medical and industrial applications. Although other solutions, such as Argon gas lasers, have been used for analytical applications, QPM-SHG green lasers are expected to be the future solution to market demands, since they offer reduced size and improved reliability.

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