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Panasonic Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices Receive Top Scores

Düsseldorf, Germany (November 18, 2009) – At this year’s MEDICA, the world’s largest medical trade show that is being held in Düsseldorf, Germany (November 18 – 21), Panasonic will be presenting its new Safety System for blood pressure monitoring, including its two latest products, the Panasonic EW-BU30 Comfort and the Panasonic EW-BU60 Premium PC.

High blood pressure is one of modern society’s most common health care issues and affects one in seven people. If left untreated, it can lead to kidney failure and, in the worst case, to a heart attack or stroke. Since only daily measurements offer true security, Panasonic’s new system combines important safety components in two equipment classes: Safety System and Safety System Plus.

Panasonic currently offers five different models for blood pressure measurement at the upper arm that feature a variety of different functions tailored to suit the respective area of application. In addition, the Panasonic range includes two instruments for convenient measuring at the wrist in which the cuff pump is integrated directly into the device. Since an irregular pulse can be an indication of an arrhythmia, all Panasonic blood pressure monitors are equipped with a pulse display; the wrist measuring devices as well as the new upper arm EW-BU30 and EW-BU60 devices also feature an arrhythmia display. In addition, all Panasonic monitors are clinically validated according to DIN standard EN 1060-4. The products were tested by the European Society of Hypertension in 2009 (EW3106, EW3109) and the German Hypertension Society in 2007 (EW3152). Furthermore, Germany’s leading consumer safety group, Stiftung Warentest, has confirmed their high quality through tests in 2006 (EW3106), 2008 (EW3006), as well as in 1998 and 2001. Every Panasonic blood pressure monitor is factory tested for measuring accuracy and already calibrated for three years. Once this period has ended, recalibration can be performed by the Panasonic service department.

Excellent Quality: Panasonic EW-BU30 Comfort and Panasonic EW-BU60 Premium PC

With the Panasonic Safety System, the new upper arm blood pressure monitors offer the highest measuring accuracy. The system combines advanced measuring technology with innovative passive controlling and auxiliary functions. For this reason, measuring and analyzing blood pressure readings is both extremely easy to do and perfectly safe.

The controlling and auxiliary functions of the systems include warning signals to indicate arrhythmia and an irregular pulse or incorrect movements during measurement. The reading flashes in case high pressure has been detected. The new SimpliFit safety cuff offers yet another advantage in that it allows for the best possible fit. Thanks to a preformed half bowl, right and left-handers can put it on very easily. In addition, the EW-BU60 also helps control the morning high blood pressure risk by providing a test function.

The EW-BU30 offers 90 storage spaces for dates and times. For monitoring blood pressure values over a longer period with patients who have acute hypertension, the EW-BU60 has a high storage capacity (up to 540) that allows for readings to be taken on a regular basis and includes an alarm that reminds patients to take a reading. The storage capacity can be expanded to up to 0.5 million measurements by using a 125 MB SD card. The EW-BU60 can store measured values for up to 5 individuals at the same time, therefore this device is ideally suited for use in geriatric care.

The analysis of blood pressure readings and production of a blood pressure protocol are made possible by graphic evaluation on a PC. Next to representation of the separate measured values, the user is able to indicate the average values of a defined period, for example. With the included software, the EW-BU60 supports both doctors and patients in devising and monitoring a therapy plan.

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