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Palex has developed the first 100% reliable smart cabinet for high cost perishable hospital supplies

Palex MEdical Dyane SmartCabinet i a real environment

  • Dyane SmartCabinet enables savings of up to 20% in high value perishable supplies and stock decreases of nearly 30%

  • The system controls material movements in real time and automatically charges them to patients

  • The cabinet manages product traceability data automatically and issues customised expiry warnings

Barcelona, 11 June 2015.- The healthcare supplier Palex Medical has developed the first 100% reliable smart cabinet for the healthcare market to store and track high cost perishable hospital supplies. The “Dyane SmartCabinet” is a system that monitors the material it contains, restricts access to these products to authorised personnel only and assigns the specific supplies to a specific operation and patient when it is removed. Moreover, it automatically issues a warning if a product is about to expire or is erroneously removed. All of this facilitates and simplifies the work done by healthcare personnel, streamlines logistics operations and guarantees the safety of products implanted in patients.

The main purpose of the Dyane SmartCabinet is to manage high cost supply logistics to optimise resources, reduce hospital expenditure and improve patient safety. The hemodynamic services, interventional radiology and surgical units are the main areas that can use the smart cabinet as it is designed to store material such as prostheses, pacemakers, valves, etc.

The system provides real time information on all product entries and withdrawals as well as essential data for strategic decision making in order to optimise the inventory management and ensure the greatest safety of the products implanted in customers. Moreover, Dyane SmartCabinet tracks product expiry dates and generates automatic replacement orders which makes it possible for hospitals to ensure product availability without needing excessive stock.

It is also a very useful tool for managing warehoused products as it guarantees their safety and facilitates the automatic communication of replacement orders.

Resource optimisation
The return on investment period for this system is quite fast - one year in most cases. According to international studies and Palex Medical's own national and international experience, hospitals that have automatic tracking systems reduce their annual high value perishable supplies bill by between 20 and 40% as they prevent major product losses due to their expiry and human handling errors or other unknown losses. On the other hand and depending on the product, the decrease in high value product stock is between 5% and 20% which is a significant benefit when it comes to cost optimisation. Dyane SmartCabinet eliminates paperwork and manual processes and allows healthcare personnel to dedicate more time to patient care as the very system is responsible for the administrative and logistics tasks involved with managing the complete procedure all high value supplies must go through at a hospital.

How does Dyane SmartCabinet work?
All high value material must be coded using RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology in order to be entered in a Dyane SmartCabinet and begin automatic material tracking. After this, the smart cabinet functions are as follows:

  • Controlling access to the system by healthcare personnel

  • Recording the dispensation and return of all materials it contains with the effective reading of all articles in the cabinet irrespective of their position inside

  • Assigning each product removed to the patient it will be implanted in or the corresponding unit or episode

  • Controlling the inventory in real time in order to generate automatic replacement orders so as to ensure material availability when necessary and prevent product expiration

Moreover, the Dyane Software comes with the guarantee that it may be integrated into the Hospital Information System (HIS) which means the Dyane SmartCabinet may be easily installed in any hospital.

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