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Pain Mamangement

Polylaser trion for pain management

Introduction of a new concept for Complementary Pain Management by
Prof. mult. h.c./China Dr. Frank R. Bahr
15. November 12:00 h and 13: h, Booth 10D58

Prof. mult. h.c./China Dr. Frank R. Bahr, President of the Germany Society of Acupuncture (DAAA) will present a new therapy concept for pain management (e.g. shoulder/arm syndrome, lumbalgia).

This new therapy for ambulant pain management has no side effects and uses the combination of blue/UV and red/infrared laser light.

Because of the specific wave length all tissue layers can be reached and stimulated easily:
1. deep and middle and upper layers
2. stimulation of the energy channels (tendino muscular meridians)
3. deletion of the pain memory in the thalamus by means of a special frequency modulation (resonance phenomena).