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Pulled muscles, bruises, ruptures of muscle fibers and other little aches and pains are very painful and hinder normal training sometimes very strong and lenthy. Without drugs HiT-Frequency-Treatment with miniature-device WeWoThom Premium can help faster to be in best form. That electronic device – from the look of a coin – can be comfortably worn under clothing and unseen around-the-clock, for example, even with some physical exercises. Interests of WeWoThom Premium in addition to low cost, ease of use, effective and longvity. WeWoThom Premium is definitely the smallest pain killer in the world that does not require medication. Producer and deviser is the start-up company WeWoThom in State Brandenburg (Germany). With the miniature-device WeWoThom Premium it is given an effective instrument to self-treatment for Millions of people all around the world with pangs. Benefits of the WeWoThom Premium: 1. Effective against pangs and their causes 2. Unlimited depth effects 3. Long-term effects Regardless how deep below the surface of the skin are the cause for the pain, the healing frequencies reach them. The cells are supplied with endogenous substances, therefore, the use of medication dispensed. The body can help himself again. The unlimited depth lends itself well to influence the cells that lie deep beneath the skin surface or in the tissue in the joints, even of thick or strong muscular men. So not only the pain is treated, but it can be removed at the same time their causes. In compliance with the instructions WeWoThom Pre-mium can be used almost indefinitely. The mode HiT-Frequency-Treatment on basic of electro-magnetic frequences has proved oneself in clinics and in doctor´s surgeries. From this absolute smallest device in the world, experts and patients are even more convinced. More information: WeWoThom GmbH Robert – Koch- Str. 3 15526 Bad Saarow. Germany phone: +49 33631 439030, Mail: