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Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive 94/62/EC

What is Directive 94/62/EC?

The Directive 94/62/EC, commonly known as the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive - or P&PW for short, is a European Directive which aims to harmonize national measures concerning the management of packaging and packaging waste. This is done in order to prevent any impact thereof on the environment of all Member States as well as of third party countries or to reduce such impact, thus providing a high level of environmental protection.

What does the Directive Require?

The Essential Requirements can be summarized as follows:
• Packaging weight and volume should be minimized to the amount needed for safety and acceptance of the packed product;
• Noxious and other hazardous constituents of packaging should have minimum impact on the environment at end of life; and
• Packaging should be suitable for material recycling, energy recovery or composting or for reuse if reuse is intended.

How do I recover my Packaging?

A third party collection agency is used for the recovery and recycling of your product’s packaging. One of the recovery compliance schemes most widely known is the Green Dot system.

How does the Directive Affect You?

If your company manufactures or deals with ANY type of packaging you must comply with the P&PW Directive.
The first two Essential Requirements place responsibility on the manufacturer (and even on up to the supplier manufacturer’s supplier) to produce non-hazardous and non-excessive packaging.
The third Requirement deals with the actual logistics of the packaging. For products being imported into the European Union from Non-European Manufacturers, the take-back and recovery responsibilities lie on the Importer.

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