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P&PW Directive- The Green Dot (part2)

Why does a Non-EU manufacturer need the Green Dot?

The Non-EU manufacturer needs the green dot in order to bring his product up to standard within the EU country he is penetrating. If the manufacture fails to obtain the green dot, he is responsible for the collection of recyclable packaging himself - most likely impossible to do on your own.

In the case of imports from non-Europe countries the importer based in Germany applies for the Green Dot.

Does it apply to manufacturers? Does it apply to Non-EU
manufacturers? Does it not only apply to the EU importers?

For industrially filled packages, the fillers, as the producers of the consumer goods ultimately available in the retail outlets, will usually be responsible.
For service packages like carrier bags, paper bags, wrapping films and disposable cups/plates, etc., which are only filled in the shop itself, responsibility will usually be vested in the retailers involved.
For imported goods, the responsibility can be vested in both the German importer and the exporter, if the latter is domiciled inside the European Economic Area.
For companies with headquarters outside the EEA, responsibility is vested in the importer.

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