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PROTEC Software Now Available in 14 Languages

CONAXX is a user-friendly and intuitionally operable system for the acquisition of x-ray images from digital modalities such as CR- or DR-Systems. PROPAXX is the matching software for viewing, processing and archiving of these images. Both programs enjoy a great reputation worldwide due to their outstanding user friendliness and high image quality. These PROTEC software systems are the central part of any digital PROTEC installation today. Depending on the country of destination, both programs can be adapted to specific market & customer needs – not only regarding their workflow, but also in terms of their user language.

With assistance from our distributors, we have translated PROTEC imaging software systems in 14 languages already. In detail: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Croatian, Czech and Estonian. A real success story!

However, this should not mean to be the end of the rope. Whenever and wherever another local language is needed, independent from its characters typology, we are ready to make it happen. We will provide a simple software tool to support our partners in translating the programs with minimum effort. Subsequently, implementation can be done by PROTEC, ready for the next software release.