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PRESS RELEASE: ‘Health information exchange must be centralized around the patient.’

PRESS RELEASE: October 26, 2016
Topics: Health Information Exchange, MEDICA 2016, Information & Communications Technology

Fenestrae joins the Holland Pavilion at MEDICA 2016.
‘Health information exchange must be centralized around the patient.’
The Hague, October 25, 2016 - Dutch software supplier Fenestrae has been successfully active in the German Market for over 20 years. Focusing on the elimination of paper from key business processes, and optimizing the digital exchange of valuable business documents, Fenestrae has taken this knowledge and experience and used it in their solution for healthcare: Fenestrae OMNI. At Medica 2016, Fenestrae will showcase OMNI to the German market for the first time.

A recent survey shows that many patients in Germany still experience a ‘gap’ between government legislation on healthcare digitization and their own expectations. The need for the digital exchange of healthcare data is growing and with the introduction of the E-Health-Gesetz (eHealth legislation) the path has been outlined to fulfil this growing need.

Patient centered information exchange

Care is increasingly organized around the patient which furthers the need for better exchange of medical information. This allows for quicker and better diagnosis, at a lower cost, with less impact on the patient, and also reduces the risk of errors. Fenestrae OMNI was developed with focuses on patient centered care, compliancy with internationally recognized standards, guaranteeing patient privacy and data security.

Data protection

Fenestrae OMNI is a software platform for patient centered information exchange, directly and exclusively between practitioners, based on international IHE standards for health information exchange. By using the IHE standard, the exchanged documents containing medical data are fully encrypted and therefore safely transferred. This guarantees the privacy of the patients and the complete protection of personal data. Transaction logging further ensures accountability and facilitates security audits.  Another benefit is that no special IT-structures and domains are needed.

Digitization of paper communication

In this day and age the exchange of medical data further notes a requirement for the elimination of paper document flows. Fenestrae solutions enable healthcare organizations to digitize all document flows. By integrating with existing systems (email, Hospital Information Systems, Electronic Health Records etc.), solutions are easy to implement, paper documentation can be eliminated, and realize immediate process improvements.

Join us at Medica 2016

Help us understand the challenges you face in safely and securely exchanging confidential medical information.  We invite you to visit our stand in the Holland Pavilion at the Medica trade fair (Hall 15, G60). Fenestrae OMNI may be the solution to fit your needs.

Lisette van der Meer, Fenestrae


For more than 25 years, Fenestrae solutions are being used by organizations all over the world to help improve their business agility and reduce operating costs by eliminating paper from key business processes. Fenestrae’s suite of flagship products consists of Faxination (Enterprise Digitization), Fenestrae OMNI (Health Information Exchange), and Udocx (Document capture & processing).

Fenestrae is a member of IHE and has many customers in the area of healthcare providers including hospitals, facility suppliers, diagnostic centers and general suppliers.

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