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Breakthrough technology decreases risk for healthcare-acquired infection (HAI)

CE-Marked SleepAngel™ Barrier Bedding products, manufactured by Elers Medical™, are clinically proven barrier to pathogens. SleepAngel™ pillow, mattress and duvet are patent protected; their waterproof seamless structure together with PneumaPure™ microbiological filter technology achieves unique protection towards spread of HAI. HAI’s in general pose a major problem for hospitals greatly increasing suffering and causing considerable expense. WHO asserts that 9% of healthcare budgets are taken up with problems related to HAI’s.

Reinvented SleepAngel™ range

Previously SleepAngel™ pillows and duvets were manufactured from a different filling and fabric materials. Our product development department has been able to decrease manufacturing costs without loosing product quality. Due to this product development scheme, we are able to introduce reinvented SleepAngel™ range.

Significant cost savings

SleepAngel™ products will provide significant cost savings for health care sector globally, as pillow and duvet laundry becomes obsolete. Therefore pillows are always available for use on the bed, which will lead to reduction of stock. Materials used to make SleepAngel pillows are proven in use to be durable. It is observed to last up to 4 times longer than inferior alternative wipe down pillows. Reduced stock and lower replacement cycle results in a reduction in disposal costs. Number of case studies demonstrates replacing standard wipe down pillows with SleepAngel pillows can achieve meaningful product cost savings. This is considered before factoring in cost savings and other benefits associated with reduced contamination, reduced infection risk and increased patient satisfaction.

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