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POREX Pipette Filter Materials and Media

Porex Pipette Tip Filters

POREX Pipette Tip, Automation, ESR and Serological filters are the porous design solutions chosen by a broad spectrum of pipette and pipette tip manufacturers to help eliminate aerosol by-pass, sample carryover and the passage of aqueous based liquid to equipment and instrumentation.

Specifically formulated for demanding life science and critical clinical and molecular applications, the Certified Pure Porex™ materials are design and fit optimized to provide purity, precision and reliability in addition to helping prevent instrument contamination caused by aerosols generated during sample aspiration.

With maximum consistency in air flow, filter purity and aerosol containment, Certified Pure Porex filters help consumable and instrument manufacturers deliver superior dispensing and pipetting performance across a wide range of liquid volumes.

So when looking for a liquid handling filter or media solution, turn to POREX and see for yourself why Porex Pipette Filters are the industry standard of material excellence.