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POREX Corporation

POREX BioDesign™ Glass Fiber Membrane

Porex Glass Fiber

Porex Corporation (“Porex”), a proven market leader and innovator in advanced porous media solutions, expands its membrane materials with POREX® BioDesign™ Glass Fiber, the simple, pure and acrylic binder-free line of borosilicate glass membranes.

Designed with fast flow rates, high loading capacity, high bio molecular binding and proven high gDNA and plasmid DNA recovery, POREX BioDesign Glass Fiber, synchronizes the exceptional strength of polymers with a variety of fiberglass functionalities to help meet the rigorous performance and purity standards required in today’s scientific and clinical environments.

Available in Grades A, B, D, F and in custom configurations, POREX BioDesign Glass Fiber can be used in a wide variety of product applications including diagnostic assays, spin columns, assay plates and purification kits.

When performance counts, turn to POREX to partner in your next product innovation and see for yourself how Porex BioDesign Glass Fiber can help improve filtration outcomes.