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PERISPHERA®, the New Line of Perineal Probes

New line of perineal probes PERISPHERA®

During the MEDICA 2013, BEACMED will show the new line of perineal probes PERISPHERA®, suitable to perform the incontinence rehabilitation by electrical stimulation a/o EMG Biofeedback.

The new line PERISPHERA® either of vaginal or anal type, satisfy any of the different aspect of the advanced incontinence rehabilitation procedures; each one of the 6 new probes has been devoted to specific needs of the users, according to the modern practice and to the different patients situations.

Each probe is named with the common rooth PERISPHERA® and a letter: O, E, U, H, A, AT.

PERISPHERA®-O is characterized by two spherical electrodes, it is intended for global, undifferentiated and simultaneous stimulation of the puborectalis and pubococcygeal muscles, regardless of the orientation of insertion into the vagina. 

PERISPHERA®-E, with two egg-shaped electrodes and predominant insulation on the top, it is intended for the global stimulation or the EMG biofeedback of the pelvic floor excluding the upper wall adjacent to the bladder.

PERISPHERA®-U is characterized by a double circuit formed by two large flat electrodes (lower side) for the global stimulation of the pelvic floor and two "saddle-shaped" side electrodes for the undifferentiated stimulation of both the right and the left branches of the pubococcygeal muscle.

PERISPHERA®-H is characterized by a double circuit, consisting of 4 electrodes arranged radially, designed to intercept the two branches (left and right) of the pubococcygeal muscle separately. It offers the advantage of being able to treat the two branches of the pubococcygeal muscle asymmetrically and independently but simultaneously with 2 electrostimulation channels or 2 EMG biofeedback channels (for muscle asymmetry results from episiotomy).

PERISPHERA®-A is intended for the treatment of male patients with post-prostatectomy urinary incontinence or patients with defecatory disorders. The depth of insertion is adjustable, from 40 to 55 mm, according to the anatomical constitution of the patient, by means of the rear flange with 4 positions which also determines the correct orientation of the probe. The 4 electrodes (2 front and 2 rear) can be connected to two separate channels of the electromedical apparatus or to a single channel (through special "Y"-shaped optional wire adaptors). The end of the probe, which is intended to go beyond the anal sphincter to be inserted in the rectal bulb, has a spheroidal shape which is appropriately flattened to limit interference with an enlarged prostate in the treatment of male patients with benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH).

PERISPHERA®-AT is indicated for the treatment of patients with limited vaginal access or suffering from vaginismus. A diameter of barely 11 mm and the particular arrangement of the side electrodes allow an easy stimulation of the perivaginal muscles. The rear flange for adjusting the depth of insertion and determining the orientation can be removed. The 4 electrodes (2 front and 2 rear) can be connected to two separate channels of stimulation or to a single channel (through special "Y"-shaped optional wire adaptors).

All the PERISPHERA® perineal probes are made entirely of biocompatible plastic material, with gold plated metalized electrodes. The electrical connection with the stimulation or the EMG-biofeedback unit is obtained by two or four wires (about 20 cm in length) with a 2mm female banana ending. The probe can be used with any equipment supplying symmetric biphasic pulses, zero average value (galvanic-free). Each probe is supplied unsterilized in a single sealed bag, placed in individual box containing the package leaflet with instructions for use.

The new products have been totally conceived and developed in Italy as well as the manufacturing with modern processes, under the total quality management certified system of BEACMED.

Intellectual property (IP): Technical features and methods of production of the PERISPHERA® probes are protected by patents deposited by BEACMED® s.r.l., as well as the design of each one of them.

The PERISPHERA® name and its graphic logo are registered trademark of BEACMED® s.r.l.

BEACMED® is a registered trademark of BEACMED® s.r.l.