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PC-Based Guidance System Enables Smooth Flow of Goods

Much has changed since the first automated guided vehicles were installed in hospitals. Today’s vehicles are more intelligent and flexible, using magnet or laser navigation to move up and down lifts directly to the wards. If required, they can pass on information to the control centre at any time. Also, they are equipped with sensors to recognize and identify loads. This, plus improved guidance control systems, have rekindled interest in automated guided vehicles (AGV) as a transport and organisational tool in hospitals, both for new projects and the modernization of existing facilities. This enables greater availability, higher productivity and ease of use plus precise information on the status of loads and systems. New generation control systems perform more control tasks for other relevant functional areas including more administrative tasks than ever before, allowing for better networking and a safe and reliable data management.
In addition to traditional tasks such as vehicle scheduling, traffic control and recording of pick-up and delivery points, the MLR guidance control systems offer new functionalities such as planning and simulation, schedule and container management, a communication manager plus means of transport optimization and energy management.