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Osteoporosis rapid test

A new, immunochromatographic, semi quantitative rapid test is now available to measure the concentration of CTX ( C-Terminal Telopeptide) a marker for evaluation of the metabolism and of bone resorption.

The CTX or C-terminal telopeptide is the carboxy-terminal fragment of the molecule of collagen, bone matrix protein. Your dosage of the blood sample is used to monitor the process of formation and bone resorption.

The clinical studies confirm that women in post-menopausal women who suffer osteoporotic fractures show a marked increase in blood levels.
The increased bone resorption (evidenced by high values ​​of ctx) is able to predict hip fractures.

the test is also useful to prevent complications in dental surgery and implantology (osteonecrosis of the jaw) for patients treated with bisphosphonates (as indicated in the protocols of the main international scientific societies).

The assay is based on the application of highly specific monoclonal antibodies against one of the collagen amino acid sequence (Telopeptide). In a one-step incubation procedure, the degradation products containing cross-linked disomerized peptides are captured by the antibody.

The test is semi quantitative as the intensity of the T line decreases with the increase of CTX concentration.


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