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Knight Optical (UK) Ltd.

Optical solutions for medical applications

Application Overview
Our client was developing a revolutionary new hand held product that would be distributed globally and used for routine examinations in surgeries, hospitals and other health settings. The product was developed to make cancer screening convenient and accessible. Using cutting edge optics and LED technology it is revolutionary in its field and will help to save lives.

The product has undergone formal clinical testing is CE marked and has an FDA approval pending. It is a patented technology and trademarked.

What our client required from Knight Optical
All development projects require suppliers who are reliable and flexible in their approach. Our client needed us to work with them to assist in the production a unique quality instrument that was to be fully portable and could be used in low resource areas as well as developed countries to identify and combat specific types of cancer.

Why did they choose Knight Optical?
Our client was looking for a supplier who was able to collaborate fully on their project, producing and testing high quality custom parts, and able to offer a service which developed in line with their requirements.

The client stated “The benefit of working with Knight Optical is that we know we will get quality custom components that have been fully tested to ensure our specifications are met.

We find them easy to work with: not only do they have an excellent understanding of how their product helps us to produce our unique instrument, but they can advise us on all of our options.

We placed our order for full optical assemblies after working through various stages of development with them.”

All components were custom made and included eye pieces, windows, filters and prisms as well as various lenses, including; bioconvex, bioconcave, meniscus, doublet and planoconvex.

The Results
The product is the only one on the market and will help diagnose early signs of cancer in thousands of people who would otherwise not have access to such screening, and it will therefore save many lives.

“Knight Optical has worked with us from the conception of the instrument through to our global product launch.” We are very happy to have an ongoing relationship with Knight Optical who are always able to find the best solutions to meet our requirements.”