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Online infos on bird flu by GHE-member B.Braun

influenza virus H5N1

MELSUNGEN. B.Braun has now published the latest information on bird flu on an extra authorised website. On , interested parties receive profound details about the avian influenza A (H5N1) virus.

The information given are structured very concisely and technical and medical terms are explained in an easily comprehensible way since the website was developed for both qualified personnel and laymen. It contains among the detailed bird flu’s disease pattern the answers on how to distinguish the virus from a normal influenza, how transmission works and in what way it is propagated. The site also explains directives and hygiene measures. Pandemic plans which go into action in case of emergency, can be found as well.

Additionally, B.Braun’s information are amended by e.g. the latest press releases and advice of the Foreign Office or the Federal Ministry for Consumer Protection.

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