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Online Immunofluorescence Guide for Diagnosis of Autoimmune Diseases

Online Immunofluorescence Guide for the Modern Autoimmunity
From now on the Immunofluorescence Guide for the Modern Autoimmunity Laboratory is available as a free ebook. The online reference work with numerous pictures of immunofluorescence patterns is accessible from the ORGENTEC Diagnostika website (www.orgentec.com) and from the website of the GRÜNE CLUB AUTOIMMUN (www.der-gruene-club.at). The online guide is public domain without login or registration.

Whether it is the immunofluorescence pattern of antinuclear antibodies (ANA) on HEp-2 cells or the detection of autoantibodies on tissue sections from rats: The online Immunofluorescence Guide for the diagnosis of autoimmune disorders features carefully selected and brilliant pictures of typical indirect immunofluorescence patterns of common autoantibodies. Compact notes provide useful indications how test results have to be interpreted.

Authoress of the online reference work is Barbara Fabian of the GRÜNE CLUB AUTOIMMUN, who accounts for the photographs to this cost-free digital book as well. The Online Immunofluorescence Guide for the Modern Autoimmunity Laboratory is available in English and in German.

Modern indirect immunofluorescence assays, called IFA for short, are based on the fundamental work of the American physician Albert Hewett Coons in the early 1940s. The immunology pioneer was the first who conceptualised and developed various immunofluorescence techniques for the detection of antibodies. Since that time immunofluorescence techniques have been continually improved and methodically refined. Nowadays, indirect immunofluorescence assays still allow for cost-effective and high-quality medical diagnosis, including autoimmune disease diagnostics.