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One OR table – Many Possibilities

In surgery, no operation is identical to another. So it's not just surgeons and staff who need to be flexible – that requirement applies to OR tables as well. For the TruSystem 7500 OR table system, TRUMPF offers universal OR tabletops with a variety of application options, and special OR tabletops for specific requirements. Depending on the desired application and budget, from an extensive product line users can put together the precise OR table that fits their individual needs.

TruSystem 7500 is consistently designed to simplify the everyday clinical work of physicians and staff, and to support them in their daily tasks. OR tabletops with up to three motorised joint pairs make it possible to use remote controls to position the patient quickly, safety and precisely. Manual adjustments to the tabletop are reduced. Staff can program the adjustment speed of all tabletop motors as needed. To return to the zero position, all motors in the tabletop work simultaneously, saving time.

A novel feature is the third motorised joint pair between the lower and upper back plates, which enables new positioning options. For thoracic surgeries, for instance, the patient's ribcage can be stretched precisely to the desired degree by pushing a button, so it can be opened more easily. Complicated positions, such as the side thorax position, can be assumed quickly, precisely and conveniently for both patient and staff. The patient also benefits from ergonomic, safe positioning, since the lengths of the individual tabletop segments correspond to the average distances between joints in the human anatomy.

TruSystem 7500 has universal coupling points, which have proven their worth in other TRUMPF OR tables. This latest OR table system is thus compatible with the entire TRUMPF accessory line, as well as with all other TRUMPF OR tables. The mechanically encoded coupling points prevent disallowed configurations of the table. Thus new and existing customers can quickly familiarise themselves with operation of the table. Moreover, they benefit from the option of combined use with predecessor models, and thus from the safety of investment in TRUMPF products. This philosophy permeates the entire TRUMPF medical technology portfolio.

One special feature of the “ST 26” special OR tabletop: First, the Trendelenburg capability is split between the column and the top. Besides the 45 degrees offered by the column, the tabletop can be adjusted by another 20 degrees. With the TruSystem 7500, therefore, an extremely low head or foot position of 65 degrees can be achieved. If the user doesn't need this additional functionality, less expensive universal OR tabletops can be selected.

Special TRUMPF positioning accessories can be mounted on the TruSystem 7500 tabletops at any time. A spinal column positioning assembly, an extension unit or carbon elements for intraoperative X-ray diagnosis, for instance, make this jack-of-all-trades a specialist in just moments.