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Brandon Medical Co. Ltd.

Once Upon a Time in Mexico…

based manufacturers, Brandon Medical, have secured and completed a large order for 67 of their Galaxy Ultra Mobile Operating Theatre Lights to be sent to Mexico. Brandon Medical’s lights are to be distributed to various hospitals around the country as part of the Mexican Government’s commitment to allocate more capital to healthcare. Brandon’s lights have been chosen for their unbeatable combination of quality, performance and price.

Brandon Medical’s unique Galaxy Ultra Mobile has an extended spring-arm which allows for easy positioning and offers longer reach over an operating table, enabling a surgeon to literally operate from underneath the lamp head. The base includes an emergency UPS battery back-up system which allows operations to continue even when the power is down. This is essential for patient safety in areas where the national grid may not be reliable.

The Galaxy Ultra Mobile light provides a large diameter of illumination, ultra-high light intensity and cool daylight quality light – giving accurate true-colour rendition in surgery. A unique reflector system allows ‘shadowless’ performance, whilst electronic focus control allows the beam to be adjusted without moving the light head.

Brandon Medical’s extensive range of products is exported to many countries worldwide, including Mexico, where they have a good relationship with their well-established distributor. This is indicative of not only their export success but the appeal of their products on an international level as well as in the UK.

Brandon Medical are experts in the healthcare industry with over 40 years experience, they manufacture a wide range of products, including Medical Architectural Equipment, Control and Power Systems, Medical AV Systems and Medical Lighting.