Propper Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Once-A-Day EcosTM Bowie & Dick test pack

Propper Manufacturing is proud to introduce our new environmentally friendly, latex, lead-and-heavy metal free Once-A-Day EcosTM Bowie & Dick test pack. The new, smaller in size pack reduces waste and offers significant savings on storage and transportation while guaranteeing excellent clarity of color change and detection of sterilizer malfunctions. The pack is bio-degradable, providing an additional benefit for the environment.  
The new Once-A-Day Ecos Bowie & Dick test pack will detect sterilizer malfunctions including: presence of residual air in sterilizer chamber due to vacuum pump malfunctions, leaks and poor steam quality; low temperature/pressure conditions and wet steam.  The ink changes color from blue to pink under adequate sterilization conditions and the color will not revert even if test end-point was not reached. For use in cycles run between 134oC-137oC with 3.5 minute exposure.
The Once-A-Day EcosTM test pack is a Class 2 sterilization indicator according to ISO 11140-1, 2014 and it complies with performance requirements of the ISO 11140-4:2007 standard for Bowie Dick tests.

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