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Omron Healthcare Europe B.V.

Omron Healthcare Announces New Walking Style Step Counters

Omron Healthcare
B.V., leader in health and wellness monitoring products, announces the launch of
its new line of step counters, the Omron Walking style One 2.0, 2.1 and Walking
style Pro 2.0. This new range features 3D sensing technology, allowing the devices
to measure steps accurately, regardless of the position it is in.
The new step counters with 3D sensing technology can measure every step, whether it is
positioned flat, vertically or horizontally. It can be worn on the hip, carried in a pocket or
even placed in a bag and it will still accurately monitor and record all the steps taken.
Additionally, its slim design makes it easy to wear for every activity.
“We are pleased to announce the launch of these innovative products, which will
encourage people to achieve a healthier lifestyle, whilst accurately monitoring their
physical activity,” says Marco Buhr, Wellness Category Manager of Omron Healthcare
BV. “We strongly believe that these tools can make a difference to society and address
issues, such as obesity and physical inactivity.”
Studies show that using a monitoring tool, such as a step counter, has a positive effect on
physical activity increasing it up to 27%*. With these new step counters, people are
encouraged to reach their goals or even go beyond them and gain more control over their
personal health.
Walking style One 2.0 and 2.1
Although similar in design, the two step counters have different features, making each
one suitable to various individual needs. The HJ-320 measures steps and distance (in
miles or kilometers) and can be reset every night to count daily steps taken. The HJ-321
differentiates itself by having an integrated 7-day memory which makes it easy to
compare your steps, distance and calories burned throughout the entire week. Next to
that it separately measures and shows the aerobic steps done.
Walking style Pro 2.0
The Walking style Pro has a built-in USB port which facilitates data upload to The cloud-based platform can be accessed from any browser
and displays steps taken, calories and distance. The ease of use and data-sharing
possibilities are intended to encourage physical activity and stimulate healthy
*The Journal of the American Medical Association, November 2007, Using Pedometers to Increase Physical Activity
and Improve Health: A Systematic Review (