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Bio-Chem Fluidics Ltd

Omnifit® Bottle Caps Cut The Cost of Laboratory Safety

Bio-Chem Fluidics manufactures a range of Omnifit® bottle caps and accessories which prevent harmful chemicals and solvent vapours from escaping, ensuring a safe and dependable solvent delivery system in the laboratory.

Following an extensive re-engineering programme, the company has now reduced the cost of its T-Series bottle caps. Featuring a PTFE* inner portion, which offers a high level of chemical compatibility, T-Series caps have an anti-twist design which allows the inner body of the cap to spin freely. This prevents tubes being twisted when the cap is fitted or removed and eliminates the need to disconnect fluid lines before unscrewing the cap.

The caps are very easy to use and require no fittings – standard 1/8” laboratory tubing is simply pushed through Luer ports on the top of the cap. These ports allow connection of other tubing sizes and types with a range of Luer adaptors which are available separately. Optional integrated check-valves and filters are also available, enabling pressure to be equalized within the bottle as liquid is drawn out and preventing particulate contamination.