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03/21/2018: Tailor-made tumor therapy thanks to epigenetics


Topic of the Month: Personalized cancer medicine; News: Research project on dangerous hospital germ extended; News: Mapping a genetic risk; News: WSU researchers see gene influencing performance of sleep-deprived people; News: New method manages and stores data from millions of nerve cells - in real time
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03/14/2018: Automatic diagnosis: How algorithms support radiology


Topic of the Month: Personalized cancer medicine; Interview: Radiology; News: New insights into why patients have a higher risk of heart attack in the morning; News: Canadian researchers open a new front in the fight against MS; News: Hepatitis B: a new strategy for eliminating mother-to-child transmission
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03/07/2018: Tailor-made and targeted: personalized cancer therapy


Topic of the Month: Personalized Medicine; Video: Surgical navigation systems; News: Blocking a protein could improve the effectiveness of intravascular cellular 'policing'; News: Daffodils to fight against cancer; News: Minimising risks of transplants
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02/28/2018: Tumor cells freed from gravity - drug research on the ISS


Topic of the Month: Hospital logistics: guarantor of quality and efficiency; Interview: Cells in space – extraterrestrial approaches in cancer research; News: Bacteria-eaters to prevent food poisoning? Phages eliminate Yersinia from food; News: There may be a better way to reduce hospital readmission rates; News: New study suggests hormone therapy helps reduce curvature of the spine
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02/21/2018: How the genes are protected from stress


Topic of the Month: Eye on material flow: network solutions for hospital logistics; News: New treatment strategies for chronic kidney disease from the animal kingdom; News: Amyloid protein transmission through neurosurgery; News: Can our genes help predict how women respond to ovarian cancer treatment?; News: TSRI scientists find key proteins control risk of osteoarthritis during aging
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02/14/2018: Intraoperative imaging: Precision thanks to information


Topic of the Month: Hospital logistics; Interview: Hyperspectral imaging; News: Palm oil in your Valentine's chocolate? Beware.; News: How old antibiotic compounds could become tomorrow's life-saving drugs; News: Asthma drug potential treatment for aortic aneurysm
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02/07/2018: Logistics processes in hospitals


Topic of the Month: Of streams and flows – the importance of hospital logistics; News: For children with respiratory infections, antibiotics with narrower targets are better; News: People with diabetes face increased risk of infections
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01/31/2018: Nerve cells support wound healing


Topic of the Month: Surgical navigation systems - precise planning and execution of operations; Video: jumpBALL – thrombosis prophylaxis easy as child's play; News: Cancer researchers hit a bullseye with new drug target for Ewing sarcoma; News: The first step in generating an artificial adrenal gland; News: Everyday exercise has surprisingly positive health benefits
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01/24/2018: Patient Science: Patients as experts for their own disease


Topic of the Month: The surgeon's co-pilot; Interview: Patient science; News: The Down's syndrome "super genome"; News: Scientists discover how treating eczema could also alleviate asthma; News: First vaccine in the world developed against grass pollen allergy
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01/17/2018: Severe loss of appetite


Topic of the Month: OR of the future: Surgical navigation systems and integrated devices; News: Anorexia aggravates disease progression in heart failure; News: Successful simulation of a real-time migraine prediction system; News: Researchers identify new melatonin-based molecular targets for the design of new drugs against Parkinson's; News: Genetic analysis can improve depression therapy
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