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08/23/2017: Center for the exchange of Physics and Medicine


Topic of the Month: Without any delay: drug dose adjustment at the point of care; Interview: Interface between Physics and Medicine: new interdisciplinary center; News: Study offers new targets for drugs to treat fatty liver disease and liver cancer; News: New test for rare immunodeficiency; News: Study offers new targets for drugs to treat fatty liver disease and liver cancer
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08/16/2017: Sugar molecules to help detect tumors


Topic of the Month: Molecular Microsystems: Preventing Exacerbations of Asthma and COPD; Top News: Sugar molecules to help detect tumors; News: Cultural factors account for cost differences at the end of life; News: Playing with your brain; News: Antidepressant use increases risk of head injuries among persons with Alzheimer’s disease
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08/09/2017: Automated documentation in the laboratory


Topic of the Month: Point-of-care testing: helpful when things need to happen quickly?; Interview: Laboratory automation: from note book to gesture recognition; News: A molecule for proper neural wiring in the cerebellum; News: Diabetes can be tracked with our Google searches
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08/02/2017: Point-of-care solutions: fast ways to diagnosis


Topic of the Month: Point-of-care solutions – uncomplicated and fast; News: Scientists use new data mining strategy to spot those at high Alzheimer's risk; News: Diabetes can be tracked with our Google searches; News: Tracking the mechanism of artery formation; News: Should we be worried about hepatitis E?; News: "Eliminate hepatitis" – World Hepatitis Day 2017
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07/26/2017: Prenatal diagnosis: droplet for droplet


Interview: Prenatal diagnosis: genetic analysis using droplet PCR; Topic of the Month: Eye surgery: precision and prevention with femtosecond lasers; Video: Photochemical internalization – A new hope against bile duct cancer?; News: Improving ICU care and communication through technology use; News: Alternative antimicrobial compounds could come from wastewater
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07/19/2017: Microscope that provides a glimpse into living cells


Video: Light microscope ChipScope - a glimpse into living cells; Topic of the Month: Surgical lasers: the quest to be compact, mobile, and user-friendly; News: Bacteria never swim alone; News: New gene mutation associated with Fanconi anemia; News: Reliable diagnosis of celiac disease in children without endoscopy; News: Bandage with a voice
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07/12/2017: Fighting cancer with minibeam therapy


News: Hospital discharge program improves patient experience leaving the hospital; Mitochondrial disease has a disproportionate healthcare burden in US; Lung cancer screening could save money as well as lives; Interview: Cancer: refined treatment with proton minibeams; News: Designed proteins to treat muscular dystrophy; Topic of the Month: Laser surgery: usability, flexibility, treatment quality
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07/05/2017: Surgical lasers – flexible specialists, not only in the OR


News: Insurance expansion improves access to care, health, and survival; Topic of the Month: Surgical lasers – flexible specialists, not only in the OR; News: 3-D printed models could improve patient outcomes in heart valve replacements; News: Using body noise to improve cancer detection; News: Bioengineers create more durable, versatile wearable for diabetes monitoring
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06/28/2017: Physician Assistant - profession with perspective


Topic of the Month: SilverFit – Training and gaming for the elderly; Interview: Physician Assistant - profession with perspective; News: Physician heal thyself: Simple coping strategies for pervasive physician burnout; News: Race and gender are important in predicting heart attack in the emergency department; News: Tiny bubbles offer sound solution for drug delivery
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06/21/2017: Training for surgery with simulations


Topic of the Month: "XoSoft" Project – Wearable Intelligent Exoskeleton; News: Relapse prediction tool reduces cost of rheumatoid arthritis treatment; News: New flu test: one drop of blood could save your life; News: A mechanical trigger for toxic tumor therapy; News: Cognitive-related neural pattern to activate machines
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