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October Company News from Neurosoft

From 27 up to 30 August National congress “Clinical Neurophysiology 2009” was held in “Majestic” hotel of beautiful Brazilian city Florianopolis.

Several hundred of participants from all Brazil gathered together to discuss the latest scientific achievements, visit the lectures, seminars and workshops and also get acquainted with the latest development of the medical equipment manufacturers.

The biggest stand located in the center of the exhibition hall was our company stand “Neurosoft do Brazil”. We demonstrated the features of our digital systems for EMG, EP, TMS, EEG and PSG there.

Thrice per day we organized workshops on the following topics:

1. Inching Technique for Focal Lesion Assessment.

2. Magnetic Stimulation (MS). Base Study Techniques.

3. Techniques of Extra Nerves Study (Nerves that are Studied Rarely).

4. Root Conduction Study Using T-Reflex Technique.

We would like to thank our Brazilian partner for perfect organization of this event!


From 2 up 4 September within 10th Congress of European Association of Clinical Anatomy the exhibition of the medical equipment took place and workshops how to operate on it were organized in Istanbul (Turkey).

Workshop on Neuro-EMG-Micro digital EMG and EP system manufactured by Neurosoft Company was performed by Dr. Turgut Adatepe and Dr. Aytug Hayirli. They demonstrated the device features on the example of stimulation EMG techniques to the audience consisting of about 250 specialists.

Besides our company, MicroMed, Medelec (CareFusion) and Medtronic companies participated in the workshop. In spite of such high level of participants, our digital EMG and EP system received the high appraisals of the visitors.


EMG/EP workshops took place in Valencia (Venezuela) last week. Dr. Nickolaev, medical consultant of Neurosoft Company, presented the last achievements of “Neuro-MEP.NET” software to Venezuelan neurophysiologists. The main attention of visitors attracted such techniques as: quantitative EMG (qEMG), NCS of n. radialis, visual EP.