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Obtain More DNA, RNA and Protein from Precious Samples

Therefore, the Lysonator™ will be particularly suited for processing small and precious tissue samples, especially in the field of clinical tissue diagnosis.

For example, in cancer management, oncologists usually perform biopsies at various stages of the disease to guide therapy. Biopsy samples are small as clinicians strive to minimise pain and disruption to the patient. Unfortunately, diagnosticians are limited by technology to fully exploit the benefits of tissue testing due to inadequate extraction of biomolecules.

As the Lysonator™ Tissue Homogenizer could extract more biomolecules from smaller tissue samples, it could potentially increase the rates of successful and accurate clinical diagnosis.

Furthermore, tissue lysis is conducted within a sealed sterile, self-contained single-use cartridge, minimising the risk of cross-contamination and human error. This further increases the processing efficiency of the Lysonator™ Tissue Homogenizer.