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Obelis S.A., O.E.A.R.C.

Obelis (OEARC) Goes Green

As Obelis continues to improve their services, we are pleased to announce the launching of GiDoS s.p.r.l Green Regulatory Center. GiDoS will deal solely with matters pertaining to compliance with the European Environmental Directives and Regulations and is fully operational as of September 1, 2008.
GiDoS Green Regulatory Center is a quality driven, service oriented company dedicated to assisting European and non-European manufacturers’ successful compliance with Environmental Directives and Regulations within Europe. We are located in Brussels, Belgium at walking distance from the European Commission Headquarters, maintaining close relations with the EU Administration.
Based upon in-depth research and years of regulatory experience, GiDoS experts will work with you to orchestrate a complete Environmental Regulatory Strategy; thus implementing solutions for full compliance during the entire duration the product/device resides on the European market. Additionally, GiDoS offers tailored compliance services for the WEEE, RoHS and P&PW, as well as Only Representative services under REACH 1907/2006.
European "Green" Directives and Regulations are becoming prevalent and crucial points of interest for anyone involved in placing products on the European market. A comprehensive Environmental Strategy is necessary to study and satisfy the requirements you are constrained to abide by.
The following are the Directives and Regulations GiDoS serves:

- REACH 1907/2006
- WEEE 2002/96/EC & 2003/108/EC
- RoHS 2002/95/EC
- P&PW 94/62/EC

GiDoS will be presenting at MEDICA this year as well. More information can be found at our new website, www.gidos.net or at the GiDoS booth located next to Obelis.