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OXYGEN aerolyte helmet

OXYGEN Aerolyte Helmet

Highly innovative surgical helmet with patented two fan extraction technology

Reduction in CO2 concentration inside the surgical helmet

  • No excess pressure inside the helmet, thus no uncontrolled leakage of contaminated breathing air through openings in surgical gowns and no contamination of the sterile operating environment via uncontrolled leakage of breathing air

  • Vibration-dampening, high-quality material

  • Two silent fans for optimum air circulation

  • Ideally balanced weight to avoid muscle fatigue

  • Individually adjustable fan speed and air flow

  • A large push button to control fans, can be operated with the forearm

  • Patented headband for fastening the helmet - one-handed operation - in sizes XS-XL and M-4XL

OXYGEN Aerolyte Helmet with LED light source

A light source exactly where it is needed

  • A special LED light source provides the ideal lighting for the operating area, particularly when this can no longer be achieved with the OP lights due to the angle or the depth of the surgical wound.

  • Specially selected LED light source to prevent warming up the inside of the helmet.

  • Adjustable LED optics - the angle can be easily adapted as needed using the easy touch lever even during the operation

  • Light source is supplied with the same battery as the fans - no additional wiring needed, long battery life guaranteed

  • Large push button on the helmet controls the fans and switches the light on and off