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OT – STARLED Technological LED Evolution in the Operating Room

OT-STARLED is the revolutionary lamp with LED technology which marks a new era in the illumination of operating rooms.
Made by ACEM Medical Company (Division of Acem S.p.a.), Italian company specialized in designing, manufacturing and trading surgical lamps for medical use, surgeries and operating rooms, OT-STARLED is the result of careful analysis to improve the working conditions of surgeons and their teams.

At the base of the Starled Series made by ACEM, always cutting edge, reliable and resistant in time, is the use of LED technology (Light Emitting Diode), which grants a perfect illumination for every situation.

The revolutionary OT-STARLED consents:
- an illumination of high performance for any kind of surgery
- a clear luminosity of 160.000 lux (self limited)
- a colour temperature of 4.900 °K which faithfully reports the chromatic colour scale in the human body
- an exceptional lasting which assures a simplified management and investment in time
- a light without infrared rays which does not produce any heat in the surgical area or on the surgeons head.
- an excellent chromatic rendering index (CRI 95)
- an intelligent system, patented by ACEM, ACRIS®
- a shadow correction in the surgical area for a complete illumination of the surface and in depth – Luminosity Adaptor
- a revolutionary system, patented by ACEM, of I – SENSE® commands
- ergonomics which thanks to its design provides simplicity of use and positioning for the medical staff
- a range for the integration of multimedia solutions with controls synchronization
- an innovative system patented by ACEM, LIGHT – UP® for minimally invasive surgery which, thanks to the light beams coming from the upper part of the lamp, assure an optimal visual of the monitor and optical comfort
- a synchronized command system (between OT – STARLED in a double system or in a system comprising a Starled 5) to allow simplicity of use, fast response times and the possibility of being managed by a single operator

The high LED technology used by ACEM grants a light source in the OR without infrared rays to eliminate the heat under the lamps domes hence avoiding the temperature to increase in the surgical area or on the surgeons head.

The high number of LEDs represent the news of the OT-STARLED which generates a total of seventy led, a light spot of 21 cm at 1 metre with a high level of illumination, 160.000 lux (self limited) for a lasting duration of up to 50.000 hours.

ACEM has invented and installed on the OT-STARLED a Luminosity Adapter which, thanks to the obstacle detectors can localize the head, shoulders and hands of the surgeon. In an autonomous way, the LEDs covered by the obstacles get dimmer and the free areas intensify their light so as to obtain a homogeneous and shadowless light providing stability and reliability on the operating field on any situation.

OT-STARLED is characterized by an innovative command system, I – SENSE® which grants the lamp the maximum comfort and functionality. Its symbols are simple and clear in the I – SENSE® command system, precise, functional and it can memorize the parameters which simplify change between these (standard, auto, ambient).

The design of the OT-STARLED has been studied to improve work in the OR with its practical and comfortable handling thanks to its lateral and central handle, this later is removable and autoclavable. OT-STARLED is also compatible with laminar flows in the operating room.

OT-STARLED has a STANDARD video camera (ACS optional or ACHD if requested) inside the central handle, or it can be placed on a separate arm. The operating room illumination system OT - SYSTEM, thanks to its modular design can expand its multimedia possibilities in the OR (configuration of up to four arms) and can be produced in different combinations, such as the OT DOUBLE (composed by two OT-STARLED) or with a main lamp and a satellite (OT- STARLED associated to the STARLED 5 or the STARLED 3 EVO PLUS). The OT – STARLED and STARLED 5 have synchronized controls to simplify their use, reduce response time and they offer the possibility of being managed by a single operator.

OT-STARLED, thanks to the AVSM system (Acem Video System Management) is compatible with all the video cameras of the ACEM range.

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