OR technology: developing more flexibility and usability -- MEDICA Trade Fair

OR technology: developing more flexibility and usability

Interview with Prof. Erwin Keeve, Berliner Zentrum für Mechatronische Medizintechnik BZMM (Berlin Center for Mechatronic Medical Technology) at Charité Berlin

Gentle, safe, precise, fast – surgical interventions need to meet many demands: laws and regulations concerning safety, the desire for the best possible health outcome, economic requirements of hospitals and ever-changing technology make up today’s framework for surgery.


Photo: Prof. Erwin Keeve

Prof. Erwin Keeve; ©private

Photo: X-ray scanner ORBIT ist tested with a phantom body

ORBIT's X-ray source and image detector are each mounted on a robotic arm and rotate around the patient in any angled trajectory; ©BZMM

Photo: Modern OR at Charité

The equipment in future ORs does not stand in the way of the surgery's success: technologies are more flexible, have more usability and do not hinder surgeons; ©BZMM

Photo: Timo Roth; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Frommann