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Corscience GmbH & Co. KG

OEM modules for innovative developments

Autoclavable flow sensor for respiratory gases

The focus of Corscience is the development of medical devices. With approximately 50 engineers the german company is developing algorithms (very well known in the field of defibrillation are the ECG analysis algorithms), the electronic and firmware, the necessary PC-User Software and the housing of medical devices. Corscience does have also the possibility to take over the production and logistic for a product. Further more Corscience also has own products, like ECG devices with the possibility to transmit in case of emergency data via Bluetooth and GSM to the physician.

The overall experience comprises
- Development of ECGs
- Development of Wireless connections (Bluetooth/Zigbee/GSM) links for medical devices
- Development of Biphasic Defibrillators
- Development of Tracking Systems based on GSM
- Development of pulse oxymeter devices

In the described field Corscience can also offer pre-certified boards, which can get used by the customers with no or less development costs in their devices. Mentionable are especially certified defibrillator boards, which are also used by other customers for their products.

In the Wireless field Corscience has successful closed several projects in the field of Zigbee and Bluetooth. As already mentioned, Corscience has a very deep experience in the development of ECG devices and also Defibrillators (AEDs).

Brand new in the portfolio is an autoclavable flow sensor, named BiCHECK. BiCHECK is a miniaturized module for the precise measurement of respiratory gases. The sensor is based on the heat run-time method and is characterized by bidirectional measurement and very short response times. The main advantage has to been seen in the fact that the sensor head can be autoclaved, and therefore offers a very cost-effective alternative in clinical use.

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