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Triton Electronic Systems Ltd.

OEM Partner for Capnometer Module CO2

Capnography channel:

-laser spectrometry method is used (Unicap TM technology) , which removes the need to calibrate the capnograph with standard gases effective sample dehumidifying system
-Sample flow tube self-cleaning regime
-Automatic measurement results correction if nitrous oxide is present
-Measurement range – 0-15% (0-115 mmHg)
-Display modes: concentration in % or partial pressure in mmHg
Measurement accuracy: 0.2 % in the 0-5% range, 0.4% in the 5-10% range
-Breathing rate 0-160 per minute
-Displays capnogramm, EtCO2, FiCO2 breathing rate on the screen
-Adjustable alarms of high and low levels of EtCO2, and high level of FiCO2