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Nuvo Group Reveals IoT-based Pregnancy Monitoring Tech

Remote monitoring system undergoing FDA approval

Tel Aviv & New York – 8 November 2017 – Nuvo Group’s PregSense™ harnesses the power of IoT to deliver a complete wearable pregnancy monitoring solution.

PregSense™ is a unique passive, noninvasive system that collects a wide range of vital pregnancy data that can be sent directly to a patient’s physician or monitoring service, making it ideal for high-risk pregnancies. Its highly accurate, remote monitoring collects and analyzes key data to deliver essential insights into the wellbeing of both mother and fetus and is completely safe for continuous use.

The system is within the pipeline for FDA approval process to be a recognized Class II (CE Class II(a)) device. Once approved, PregSense will be prescribed by physicians who will be able to review and analyze pregnancy data both remotely and in-office. Physicians will get an in-depth view of the pregnancy, giving them the ability to design personalized treatment protocols at critical stages of the pregnancy.

The wearable system includes an app to allow parents to track and record important pregnancy milestones such as the baby’s first kick and kick frequency, upcoming doctor appointments, and important lab results; it even provides dietary recommendations. All the information is available for quick review and easy tracking in the app’s Pregnancy Journal Dashboard.

“PregSense transforms pregnancy healthcare, delivering real-time care at a lower cost,” said Oren Oz, CEO of Nuvo Group. “It’s the next major leap in remote healthcare, fulfilling a critical need for women who may not be able to get to the doctor as frequently due to location or finances.”
PregSense uses a sophisticated set of wireless electronic and acoustic sensors seamlessly integrated within a very comfortable, patient-friendly monitoring belt to passively and accurately collect data. Both PregSense™ apps, one dedicated to mom’s and one to physicians, operate on both iOS and Android platforms.
About Nuvo Group
Nuvo Group is committed to transforming pregnancy care for a new generation. Our proprietary software solutions combined with innovative designs utilize big data analytics to drastically improve pregnancy healthcare on a global scale. Nuvo leadership is comprised of dedicated engineers, medical professionals, designers, and proud parents who share a collective vision to create solutions for a new generation of patients and doctors, creating an immediate impact on maternal care.

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